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Seventeen books for 2017

At the dawn of this new year, I was challenged by my friend and critique partner to participate in an #amreading2017 Instagram challenge. Part of that challenge was to list 17 of our must-read books (either new releases or established favorites) of 2017. Now that we’ve hit July and the […]

T-minus eight days…

  Ever notice how life can be smooth sailing for weeks on end … and then, all of a sudden, it’s really really not? Or how things can be very quiet, writing assignments slow to come in, days are leisurely with lots of time for HGTV-watching and then — BAM! […]

On being a blogger

There’s nothing like seeing your byline in print. Except, maybe, seeing your byline online. I love being a blogger for the Green Bay Area Moms Blog. It’s a super easy, fast and fun way to share my mom experiences with others in my community and keep me writing almost every […]

All the writer love

Last spring when I attended my first UW-Madison Writers’ Institute, I had absolutely no idea what I was doing. I’d only just completed my first novel. I didn’t have a pitch ready. I didn’t even really know how to talk about my book. By good luck and the grace of […]

14 Days of Great Reads

The Instagram #iloveagoodstory2016 is proving to be more than a hashtag or a simple book challenge. It’s a gathering of devoted literary types who are so excited about the great books they’ve read this year that they can’t wait to share them with bookish friends. Talk about a win-win! I […]

Instagram book challenge!

When my writing critique partner Gretchen Anthony asked if I’d participate in a 14-day book challenge, I couldn’t say YES fast enough! Two weeks of Instagram posts where my amazingly talented writer friends share their favorite books? What could possibly be better! I’m admittedly brand new (and still tentatively navigating) Instagram, […]

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